The Advisory Board, made up of a broad spectrum of international experts on Jewish history, fundraising and project management, serves as a valuable -- at times critical -- resource for The Yellow Star Project. The Project Director, drawing on the knowledge and expertise of individual Board members, seeks their counsel and advice on substantive issues and programmatic decisions affecting the American public’s response to the various publications and other media materials being produced by The Yellow Star Project to strengthen interfaith solidarity among our educators and students addressing the awsome realities of the Holocaust Era.

Advisory Board President
Michael Spett The Egmont Press; Stamford, CT

Board Members
[in formation]

Michael Berenbaum, Ph.D The Berenbaum Group; Los Angeles
Alan Bomser, Esq. New York City
Cameron Dubes CCS Fund Raising; New York City
Lisa Frigand Consolidated Edison; New York City
Audrey Glynn, Ed.D Education & Development Counselor, New York City
Tony Grenville, Ph.D Institute of Germanic Studies; London
David Guc Vanguard Management Group; Los Angeles
Edward Herbst Capital Management Association; New York City
John Hoey, Esq. International Investment Counselor; Villanova, PA
Neal Hurwitz, M.Phil The Campaign for Stuyvesant/Endowment Fund; New York City
Colin Jones President Emeritus of Routledge Press; New York City
James Kiss Public Affairs Counselor; St. Mary’s, GA
Ivan Kronenfeld Koerner Kronenfeld Partners; New York City
Diana Lam Christel House International; Indianapolis, IN
Jill Fine Mainelli Department of Parks & Recreation; Riverdale, NY
Leonard Mayhew Mayhew Communications Services; Sag Harbor, NY
Claudie K. Moise Managing Editor, Psychologie; Paris
David Morey DMG Consulting; Washington, DC
William O’Connor O’Connor Consulting; St. Louis
Jeff Ourvan, Esq. Kramer Levin Naftalis & Frankel LLP; New York City
Mary Phelan Patrick Davis Communications; St. Louis
Volker Riegger, Ph.D logos Communications AG; Munich
Robert Shapiro Sonecon LLP; Washington, DC
Judith Shotwell Editorial Consultant; Washington, DC
Hector Timerman Consul General of Argentina, New York City

Legal Counsel
James Ruf, Esq. New York City

While Advisory Board members bear no fiduciary obligations or legal responsibilities whatsoever, they volunteer their best professional advice and ecumenical insights to guide the Project to fruition and success over the next decade. Should they so choose, Board members may also assist the Project Director and IDOC/North America staff in their efforts to raise funds from foundations and individual philanthropists to support The Yellow Star Project.

Executive Director. Joseph Michenfelder has a lifelong commitment to progressive social causes beginning with his tenure as director of international communications for a worldwide religious organization through the 1960s when his major responsibility was to develop educational radio and television programs in Latin America, East Africa and Southeast Asia. He is currently president of IDOC/North America, Inc., the fiscal agent of The Yellow Star Project. An experienced public affairs counselor and strategist, he is also president and CEO of Napolitan Associates LLC, which provides political counseling, strategic planning and communications programs for corporations, foreign governments, political parties, candidates and public interest groups, nationally and internationally.

Panel of Educators. The members of our Panel of Educators have generously devoted their time, thought and energy to ensure that the Project will be a valuable and worthwhile endeavor. Headed by Dr. Audrey Glynn, the purpose of the Panel is threefold: to design the Student Edition and Teacher’s Guide for The Yellow Star; to oversee the educational phases of the Project on a regional level and to serve as a liaison between schools and Project headquarters in New York; and to craft an evaluation plan to gauge the Project’s effectiveness.

Author of The Yellow Star and The Witnesses Come Forward. Gerhard Schoenberner was among the first in Germany to confront the public with the bitter truth about Nazi crimes through books, exhibits and television documentaries. In 1990 he was appointed by the City of Berlin as the founding director of Wannsee House. [Now the Holocaust Museum of Germany, Wannsee House was the site where Nazi authorities formulated their ‘Final Solution.’] He was also the first German to receive Oslo University’s distinguished Leo Eitinger Prize which was first awarded to Elie Wiesel in 1985.

Project Liaison. Alexandra Fullerton is currently a freelance writer and designer, as well as Vice President of IDOC/North America. She worked closely with Gerhard Schoenberner to update, enhance and enlarge the American edition of The Yellow Star. As Project Liaison, Ms. Fullerton acts as a hub for ideas and advice from the Advisory Board and Panel of Educators and identifies and pursues potential funding sources.